One of today's most powerful educational tools is free, constantly expanding, in step with current trends, and at your fingertips wherever you are in the world. It doesn't require extensive training, and it can personalize and improve learning in a variety of impactful, creative, innovative, and relevant ways.

YouTube is more than entertainment. YouTube is a dynamic tool for learning that meets students where they are. This book offers succinct, applicable, practical, and flexible strategies and lessons for incorporating YouTube into YOUR classroom.

Over 50 Tips and Strategies

Getting Started with YouTube

Master basic navigation, customization and search.

Creating Content with Playlists

Assemble, organize and annotate groups of video.

Teaching with YouTube

Practical tips and strategies for integrating YouTube into daily practice.

Setting Up Your Channel

Maximize your reach and better communicate with students and parents.

Creating Content with Advanced Tools

Become a creator through screencasting and live broadcasting.

Empowering Your Students

Engage students in creating content, publishing, and reflecting on learning.

Praise for 50 Ways to Use YouTube in the Classroom

This book provides terrific ways to rethink the defaults for how teachers and learners consume and create YouTube content. Patrick has packed in many practical and innovative approaches that can help deliver impactful learning experiences. Recommended.

-Dr. Reshan Richards, Chief Learning Officer, Explain Everything

50 Ways to Use YouTube in the Classroom is a must-have guide for every teacher looking to inspire and connect learning to the digital world their students inhabit. Patrick has written the perfect blend of how to, lesson design, management, and workflow connecting readers with digital resources for support and continuous updates to an ever-changing platform. While he calls teachers to action, to meet students where they are, I believe his book is designed perfectly to meet teachers where they are.

- Lisa Highfill, Teacher, Author of The HyperDoc Handbook, YouTube Star Teacher

50 Ways to use YouTube in the Classroom is THE survival guide for teachers who are interested in using YouTube in the classroom for improved teaching and learning. Instruction, collaboration, and student creation are all prominent themes of the book, with lesson ideas for each. Patrick takes teachers from the basics of how YouTube works to pro tips in an easy-to-follow progression.

Steve Katz - Tech Czar at and Author of Teach with Video

Learning is a growing genre on YouTube. Each day, YouTube receives over half a billion views on learning-related videos. Patrick's book extensively guides the reader through the process of starting and optimising an educational YouTube channel. This book provides teachers with a unique opportunity to enrich their students' learning using best practices from one of the most popular online video platforms."

Sanoop Luke - Lead, YouTube Learning, Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia

Many learners today are woefully underprepared for the workplace demands of the twenty-first-century economy. As the world evolves, literacy in modern forms of communication, including online video, becomes increasingly important. As an experienced educator, Patrick Green understands the burden teachers face and has developed the perfect guide for teachers to start maximizing the awesome power of video in the classroom. 50 Ways to Use YouTube in the Classroom outlines practical strategies that are easy to understand and implement. By thoughtfully integrating online video like YouTube into the classroom, students will be better equipped with the skills to take greater ownership over the learning process and communicate professionally online.

James Sanders - Founder and CEO, Breakout EDU

Patrick Green has always been my go-to guy for tips on how to use YouTube with students. This book is like having him available 24/7. With 50 Ways to Use YouTube in the Classroom, Patrick has invested the time and energy for making YouTube work in schools. This handy guide book is perfect for teachers struggling to find time to get started.

Jim Sill - YouTube Star Teacher and Director of Global Business Development at EdTechTeam