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Ch. 1 Getting Started With YouTube

In the Getting Started chapter, you'll learn the basics of YouTube from navigation, to subscribing to utilizing the Watch Later playlist.

Ch. 2 Curate Content with Playlists

In the Curating Content with Playlists chapter, you'll learn to group videos together into a playlist, and to organize and annotate those for students.

Ch. 3 Teaching with YouTube

In the Teaching With YouTube chapter, you'll learn tips and tricks for integrating YouTube into your daily classroom and teaching routines.

Ch. 4 Setting up Your Channel

In the Setting up Your Channel chapter, you'll how to organize your channel, upload longer videos, promote specific videos, and otherwise display and communicate your content in a consistent and accessible way.

Ch. 5 Creating Content with Advanced Tools

In the Creating Content with Advanced Tools chapter, you'll dive into the Creator Studio and access more advanced video and audio tools for broadcasting and creating engaging content.